Quality of Life Survey


The Quality-of-Life (QOL) Survey is an objective tool to measure community perceptions about quality of life. One Acadiana conducted the first QOL Survey for Lafayette Parish in 2021 following the organization’s Vibrant Community Summit with Pensacola business and community leader Quint Studer. Studer recommended the survey as a best practice for providing objective data and encouraging civic engagement. 2022 marks the second year One Acadiana conducted the QOL Survey, and the organization plans to continue the survey annually to track progress over time.

Here are a few key findings:

  • 52% of respondents said Lafayette Parish is on the right track vs only 30% who said the Parish is on the wrong track. This is holding steady from 2021 when the numbers were 52% right track and 32% wrong track.
  • 71% of respondents rated overall quality of life in Lafayette Parish as excellent or good. This is down 1% from 2021, but it’s still the highest among communities where Mason-Dixon conducts this survey!
  • The top 3 most important issues facing Lafayette Parish according to respondents are: the economy (19%), traffic/roads (18%), and crime (14%). This is the same top 3 from 2021, with the economy overtaking traffic/roads as the #1 issue.
  • Two areas of improvement from 2021 to 2022 were: (1) vibrant nightlife , which increased from a 57% to a 61% positive rating, and (2) job security, which increased from a 47% to a 52% positive rating.

About the QOL Survey

The QOL Survey is administered by nationally recognized independent polling firm Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy. Mason-Dixon studies communities around the country and has identified the elements people perceive as having the greatest impact on quality of life, such as:

  • Economic conditions
  • Job security
  • Educational opportunities
  • Cultural & recreational opportunities
  • Safety
  • Feeling of clean & healthy environment
  • Sense of community
  • Shared vision for community & economic development
  • Effective government & community leadership that plans and executes

Survey participants are randomly selected from commercially available phone-matched voter registration lists (both landline and cell phone).

The survey sample is representative of the demographic breakdown of the community, meaning the ratios of the respondents’ gender, race, age, and political affiliation mirror the area’s actual statistics.

Past QOL Surveys

The baseline QOL Survey for Lafayette Parish was completed in 2021.
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Vibrantacadiana Qol Survey