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While “placemaking” has become an understood and valued planning practice, many areas still face the challenge of proper investment in placemaking projects as critical infrastructure for healthy, thriving communities.

James Lima presents what placemaking means, why it’s so valuable to invest in, and how to create the types of places that attract and retain young talent.

This event is proudly presented by Parish Proud.

CivicCon Acadiana welcomed Dr. Ronald Ferguson, founder of The Basics – a strategy for whole communities to support vibrant learning and brain development among infants and toddlers.

Research shows 80% of brain development occurs before age 3, and learning gaps can appear before age 2. That’s why programs like The Basics, which recognize that education begins at home, are so critical to encourage parents and help communities work together to create a great environment for kids to grow up.

CivicCon Acadiana: Quality of Life, welcomes Quint Studer back to Lafayette to release the results of a Quality-of-Life (QOL) Survey. Survey results and a full recording of the event are available at

Hear from Chuck Marohn, founder of “Strong Towns”. Through Chuck’s “Strong Towns” approach to development, we will uncover ways to help our communities become financially stronger, more resilient, and prosperous.

Watch as we unveil a new regional dashboard to track Acadiana’s key performance indicators, and uncover why the way we present Acadiana to others is so vital to our region’s success.

Expert facilitator, Quint Studer, leads evening talk to review our first topic of discussion within this overall series – Quality of Life in Lafayette, with a presentation on the results of a Quality-of-Life Survey conducted by national polling firm Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy.